Two children film themselves using a taser on a helpless kitten

A video posted on Snapchat angered animal rights advocates in Florida and an investigation was launched to find the little cat and its torturers.

Thursday, a video was brought to the attention of the animal services of Nassau County in Florida. You can see two children in a garden manipulating a taser. A white kitten is also present and runs to escape, as if he felt he was going to be targeted.

One of the two protagonists follows him and sends a discharge . The small animal manages to escape after being startled because of the electric shock causing the hilarity of his two executioners. Originally posted on Snapchat, the scene was deeply indignant and everything was set up to find the culprits and the victim.

Danielle Avitable on Twitter

A gesture that will not go unpunished

The investigation was entrusted to the Sheriff's office and on Thursday, the authorities crisscrossed the streets of Yulee, near Jacksonville where the video was shot to try to identify the two children, the person who filmed them and the kitten. "The harm is done, not only physically, but mentally, for this cat," said a resident of Action News Jax. It's not a game, animal abuse is not a game!

Since then, people have come forward to name the two children. "I hope they will be found and that they will be prosecuted for animal cruelty ," said Timothy Maguire, director of the county animal service.

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