Two adorable Saint-Bernard become the adoptive parents of a small orphaned goat

Nothing predestined them to live together and yet, a few weeks ago, a great love story started in Belgium between a kid and two big dogs.

Endowed with a strong instinct for the rescue, the Saint-Bernard are dogs as peaceful as they are delicate. Basiel and Julie, the two big dogs by Isolde Mattart, are no exception to the rule. During September, they did not hesitate to take Hans, the orphaned kid, under their feet.

Since then, the three animals form the most unlikely of the trios. The dogs behave like real parents with the little goat: they bring him all the necessary love for his good development, the groom and sleep by his side.

Instagram video by Isolde

Morning, noon, evening... they even go for good walks together, under the attentive glance (and tendri!) of their mistress.

Very young, the kid likes to play. And the dogs, good paw, let themselves be done.

Instagram video by Isolde

But it is not only with Hans that Julie and Basiel behave thus: the two dogs like all the animals, chicks donkeys and horses passing by cats.

And it seems that the little goat follows the example given by her astonishing parents!

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