TV: the stars dogs at Christmas!

After the success on the big screen of Bamboo or Treasure, the TV has also understood that dogs liked in the city and on the screen .

With Christmas, many movies with dogs will be broadcast, but also bloopers and news series...

An overview of crazy dogs on television !

Dechavanne: after Jack Russel, the Mastiff!

Christophe Dechavanne , famous friend dogs, will be the hero of a TV movie Hubert and the dog , broadcast tonight (Monday, December 21), on TF1. The story is that of a lonely and depressed man, who is offered a dog as a company. Except that the dog in question is an 80 kg Mastiff that will turn the life of poor Hubert into a nightmare...

Elder - TF1

When dogs do their show

On December 19, TMC dedicated a special show to the doggies. Bloopers, unusual stories, world records, hero dogs , intelligent, clumsy or even married... the show was full of eccentricity! If you missed it, no problem, you can see it on the TMC website. Crazy laughs and assured surprises!

A Christmas dog: topical

Teva offers you tonight at 10:20 pm a Christmas comedy with heroes... dogs! Between Carlin and Chinese Crested Dog, this Christmas promises to be woofer funny... or not!

Chips, the fighting dog: nostalgia for the eve

The lucky ones who have the Cinémagic will be able to watch this film, which tells the story of a German Shepherd. Chips, which is at its head, will yet integrate a unit of the army during the Second World War. December 24.

Kinologik - Flickr

The Phantom Dog: First Officer Dog

Hunter is a Labrador belonging to the Dogs Brigade . With his master Kyle, he overcomes all the dangers, even of a cargo of explosives... To see today, 3:25 pm on RTL9.

Here is a small selection but be attentive because the following days will be full of movies and cartoons with animal stars ! So what will your Christmas program be?