Tumbelina, the paralyzed little cat who wanted to frolic

Tumbelina is the pretty name of a very touching kitten. This ball of black hair is born paralyzed.

Attenuation of a cerebellar hypoplasia, a disease that prevents the good development of its motor faculties and certain cognitive functions, it is compared to the physicist Steven Hawking by his rescuers, " a shining spirit trapped in a body that can not follow says Yvette, the co-founder of Petopia Animal Rescue, in a very moving video published by The pet Collective .

"Her legs do not know what to do, she does not get the right cerebral signals," says Debra, founder of Valley Cats, Inc., which has collected Tumbelina.

But the kitten is full of energy, joy of life and above all courage . And thanks to the generosity and dedication of the volunteers who care for her in Woodland Hills, California, he is now able to get around. Tumbelina now has a four-wheel drive cart that allows her to walk by herself and propels her forward.

Without this cart, her front paws constantly cross and Tumbelina falls as soon as she tries to move forward. Her benefactors now hope to find her a home, where she can frolic among her loving humans .

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