Tucker, or the beautiful story of the saddest cat in the world become the most coveted

It seems that in cats, fashion is to sad boils! Your loulou has a scowling pout, he looks constantly unhappy even though he is the most pampered and loved cat in the world? Then he will undoubtedly become the new feline star of the web !

The cat that nobody wanted to become a star

The proof? After Grumpy Cat, no longer present, or Pixie, the Persian cat who has been trying to steal the spotlight for a few weeks, here is Tucker, who has just been named " the saddest cat in the world "

This kitten suffers from genetic problems that give her that deeply sad look, but also force her to wear clothes because of the fragility of her skin.

This poor tomcat aged one year had been waiting since months in a shelter in the city of Arlington, in the US state of Washington, the family who would like to make him the happiest of cats. Unfortunately, her physique had not attracted visitors to the shelter, who preferred to leave with a less original and less fragile cat in their arms.

But since the association published an announcement on the internet, the cat that nobody wanted was one of the most coveted kitties on the planet . The magic of the web...

The perfect family

"Tucker is a cat who likes to sit on the lap of her masters and play with bits of string She likes to be caressed under the chin and gets very good with the children "wrote the refuge after describing his many health problems.

Hundreds of applications for adoption then poured in from all sides and the problem of the shelter was no longer to find him a family but of make a choice among all those who dreamed of adopting it . Now it's done!

Tucker will soon be joining Katie, who works in a veterinary clinic, and her husband. The couple has already cared for animals with special needs like her. They also have another cat, Poe, who also suffers from a skin disease and malformations.

"Katie has custom-made protective gear for Poe and their house is already suitable for cats with special needs. We could not dream better for Tucker ! " rejoices the refuge on his Facebook page . And promise to give as soon as possible news of the cat and her new family.