Tsunami Japan: search dogs to help the victims

Japan knows on its territory the worst disaster that the country has known since the 2nd World War. A terrible earthquake followed by several aftershocks and a devastating tsunami completely ravaged whole areas of the Japanese archipelago.

It is quite natural that send reinforcements to participate in survivor searches. The search dogs are adventure

France, Switzerland, the United States or Great Britain are sending (or have already sent) accompanied rescue teams sniffer dogs that will help find survivors under the rubble.

The hopes of finding people alive are dwindling as the hours go by, but men and women dogs of which it is the craft are willing to do everything in their power to save lives .


Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, or Border Collies arrive in Japan with their dog handlers. Indeed, Japanese laws are very strict in terms of dog imports into the territory, and most dogs must be quarantined .

Some teams are delayed, and negotiations to speed up the procedures do not always bear fruit. Every hour lost in negotiating entry into Japan is an hour wasted searching for survivors .

Rescue dogs and their masters are very frustrated to wait, and hope the situation is going to unlock quickly. That's all we wish for those heroes who save lives !