Try the Zolux Bone Ball Dog Toy for free!

Like every Monday, Conso Animo, the first site of opinion and test pet products, offers you the opportunity to participate in a test product completely free.

Today is a dog toy, the Bone Ball of Zolux , that Conso Animo offers to test.

This rubber toy, versatile and resistant, was designed to stimulate our 4-legged companions. For example, a treat can be slipped into the ball, which can also be used for throwing and reporting games.

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And that's not all! In addition to distracting your dog, this toy helps preserve your dental hygiene. Covered with pimples, this ball cleans the teeth of the dog by the action of chewing.

How to test the Bone Ball for free?

To try to be part of the testers of Conso Animo, it is very simple, It is just register at , and write at least 3 reviews about the products you use for your dog, cat or NAC.

You have until 4 November to apply

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