Test dog treats Its Pedigree® Reward ™

This week, Conso Animo, the # 1 pet product review and testing site, offers free trial treats for its Reward ™ Mini Pedigree Bites ®!

In his everyday life, a dog needs to be congratulated and rewarded for his prowess. It's to make you happy at any time that Pedigree® created the treats His Reward ™ Mini Bites . With less than 3 kcal per bite, Mini Bites will delight your dog's taste buds. These treats contain vitamins that will allow your dog to stay in shape, minerals to preserve its natural defenses and omega-3 that will be used to keep strong bones.

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How to test treats His Reward ™ Pedigree® Mini Bites ™

A total of 48 rewards are available for testing! To have the chance to be selected and participate in this test, it's easy: you only need to have a small or medium dog, live in Metropolitan France, register on Conso Animo and write 3 reviews on the products you use for your dog, your cat and even... your NAC! You have

until 03 January to apply. > I want to test these treats for my dog!