Free Zylkène® for your dog

It's back! This moment is not always easy for our dogs who have to face many changes. Modified schedules, upset habits and the return of loneliness during the day: to prevent your dog from being too stressed at this time of re-entry , you can help him to slowly resume the daily rhythm, fight against boredom by offering various toys and activities, and fight against anxiety thanks to natural products.

How to test free Zylkène® for dogs?

This week, ConsoAnimo , the 1st pet product review and testing site, offers you the opportunity to test for free the Zylkène® Dog Food Supplement . Based on a molecule derived from milk proteins manufactured naturally during breastfeeding by the infant, this supplement is easily administered, sprinkled on your pet's usual food or capsule directly in its mouth.

Does your dog tend to stress? To try to be part of the Conso Animo testers, it's very simple, just register on the site, and write at least 3 reviews about the products you use for your dog, your cat or NAC

You have until September 22 to apply

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