Tribute to these heroic dogs who work or have worked for peace

Today is 11 November. On this occasion, AllCreatureAnimalClinic decided to return to the stories of these heroic dogs who sometimes did not hesitate to give their lives for our serenity.

Why? Simply because they save lives, fight crime, work with us... and more than just companions, they are also our best friends!

1. Diesel

© Facebook - National Police

Fallen under the fire of the human weapons last November 18 during the onslaught of RAID given to Saint-Denis, Diesel is the Malinois Shepherd become national canine hero. Died in the exercise of his functions, the elite dog with the tragic destiny even moved beyond our borders...

2. Dobrynya

© Twitter - @FranceenRussia

Successor of Diesel, Dobrynya - young German Shepherd offered by Russia - has joined the National Training Center of the National Police's Cynotechnical Units (CNFUC). He is destined to become - like his predecessor - an elite dog.

3. Lucca

© Facebook - Lucca K458

Lucca, the cross-breed German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd, has spent six years in the ranks of the US Army. In all, she did not less than 400 missions and saved the lives of many soldiers. Now retired and medalist, the beast who lost a leg in the performance of his duties runs peaceful days alongside Sergeant Chris Willingham, his master.

4. Layka

© DR

Injured in action, the Malinwoman Layka served the US Army before losing a leg by flying to Sergeant Julian McDonald's rescue. The latter - following the amputation of his buddy - did not hesitate to adopt it!

5. Brittany

© Facebook - Animal Cause North

Last canine survivor of American research services after the World Trade Center bombing on September 11, 2001, Brittany the brave Golden Retriever had to be euthanized in the summer latest. In question, his advanced age...

6. Dayko

© Facebook - Cuerpo De Bomberos Ibarra Ibarra

Following the earthquake that struck Ecuador on 16 April, Dayko - a brave Labrador rescuer - went on a mission with local firefighters to help to potential survivors. He unfortunately died on the ground...

7. Shock

© Twitter - @DavidLaMars

National Hero, Shock received the Medal of Honor from the National Police at the hands of Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior. Always in function, the dog fights daily against the drugs and its misdeeds within the phocéenne city.

A big thank you to the fabulous duos master / dog teams cynotechniques. They watch over each other with great respect... and with the peace of the nations.

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