Treat your dog daily with homeopathy

The purists of homeopathy will perhaps formalize this simplified presentation which obviously does not account for all the richness of materia medica. The drugs in the following list were selected for their frequency of use and ease of use for self-medication.

If there were only two tubes of granules to have on you permanently, it would be Arnica and Gelsemium , that I use as well for my dogs as for my children. Arnica is the weapon of shock against physical and psychological blows , and Gelsemium, the pain specialist. One could also add Nux vomica, the cure for digestive disorders. It is advisable to have each product in two dilutions: 5 CH (to give in case of emergency, every half hour), 9 CH (5 granules at a time).

The essentials of homeopathy for dog

Apis mellifica
Origin: the entire bee
Indications: all inflammations with edema (swelling, feeling of heat), whatever the location (skin, ears, udders, etc.): the cold relieves. puncture injuries (insect, snake, vaccination, etc.), burns . allergies , urticaria. renal failure with edema

Arnica 9 CH
Origin: arnica
Indications: all physical and psychological injuries of the dog , cramps, body aches , inflammations due to shock, wounds and follow-up of surgical operations, before and after a sports competition

Arsenicum album
Origin: arsenic anhydride (arsenic)
Indications: useful when there is fatigue and exhaustion of the dog. Is also effective in the case of food poisoning, viral, parasitic bacterial diseases (in addition to the essential allopathic treatments of leptospirosis, piroplasmosis, parvovirus, etc.), skin problems related or not to parasites (dandruff, brittle hair, etc.), swelling, oedemas. Anxious dog when he is alone, aging disorders. Intense thirst, drinks in small quantities. Move constantly, can not find a place to rest

Origin: belladonna
Indications: This is the remedy for infectious diseases of dogs accompanied by high fever . It also treats all disorders that manifest as excessive heat (fever) or redness of the skin. It treats high fever with tremors (piroplasmosis), inflammations with local hypersensitivity (red skin, red pimples), angina, conjunctivitis, otitis, beginning abscess, spasms / convulsions, nervousness, fear. Aggravation by noise, bright light, cold and heat on the head. Strong thirst

Bryona alba
Origin: white bryone
Indications: joint pain and inflammation , edema (heavy udders, ovarian cysts), flu start with intense thirst and vertigo, dry and painful cough from hot to cold, digestive disorders, vomiting. Pains are aggravated by movement and damp cold, improved by rest and local compression.

Origin: Greater celandine
Indications: It is the medicine to treat the liver of the dog . Ideal for liver drainage, cutaneous manifestations of hepatic disorders, migraines, digestive disorders. Also care for pruritus , dog warts

Origin: cinchona
Indications: consequences of fluid losses ( dehydration , anemia, haemorrhage) , strong diarrhea with gas, meteorism, anemia and fatigue

Origin: Aleppo mugwort
Indications: disorders related to infestation with to (loss of weight, skin disorders, nervousness, etc.)

Origin: yellow jasmine
Indications: "specialist" in pain, it also deals with physical suffering mental (nervous fatigue, anxiety). It soothes the manifestations of stress and anxiety (hyperemotivity, cardiac and respiratory accelerations, etc.). It also acts on colds / flus, accompanied by muscular pains and feelings of exhaustion, migraines and vertigo.

Hepar sulfur
Origin: Hahnemann limestone sulfur sulfur and oyster limestone)
Indications: useful for dogs with sensitive skin that bleeds easily and has an unpleasant odor (ears), painful festering wounds , threat of abscess, boils , urticaria, eczema. Also effective against rhinitis , diarrhea. Ideal for a dog with emotional and impulsive temperament , high sensitivity to pain

Origin: ipecacuanha from Mato Grosso
Indications: reflex nausea followed by exhaustion and drowsiness, abundant salivation not relieved by vomiting (malaise in the car), acute diarrhea accompanied by nausea and vomiting, cough with spasms , haemorrhages.

Nux vomica
Origin: Nut vomit
Indications: It is the ideal remedy for all disorders caused by excesses and worsening under the influence of stimuli (noise , crowd, car transport, cold air, etc.). More acute symptoms in the morning. It is also the companion of dog digestive system : spasms, bloating, vomiting, alternation of constipation and diarrhea , intoxication (including hypersensitivity to drugs) . It is good for dog skin : licking wounds, rashes caused by improper feeding. He is also good for his nervous system : weaknesses, painful muscle contractures, even paralysis. Finally, nux vomica acts on the behavior of the dog : anxiety disorders with aggressiveness

Origin: white phosphorus
Indications: It is the remedy to balance disorders of hypersensitive dogs . With, we treat liver and kidney problems (liver problems with vomiting and diarrhea). At dog skin, it is good for: hypersensitivity to bacteria, dry skin with dandruff, hair loss. It is also effective for emotional hypersensitivity , fears. Finally, it acts on osteo-articular growth problems and the old dog

Origin: podophyll
Indications: Ideal against diarrhea of hepato-intestinal origin, vomiting, flatulence

Origin: biotherapic, autolysate of muscle tissue (decomposition of defatted beef or pork)
Indications: Effective against all dog infections without identified causes. Ideal on abscesses, infected wounds with difficulty to heal. It is also a preventive treatment in case of the beginning of fever caused by suppuration, and joint pain

Rhus toxicodendron
Origin: poison ivy
Indications: Effective against painful joint stiffness improved by movement, but reappears when the animal gets tired. Ideal against rheumatism, osteoarthritis, aggravated in cold and / or wet weather. Also effective against itchy red skin , pruritus (eczema, urticaria, flea bite dermatitis, etc.)

Origin: silica
Indications: Good for ragged animal, weakened, easily parasitized. Also effective for dog defenses and skin disorders repeatedly: suppurations, crevices, cysts. Silica also treats the aging problems and anxieties without aggressiveness (panic on exposure, in contact with the crowd). For vaccinations: give a dose of Silicea 15 CH the day before the vaccination (or twice 5 granules in 9 CH)

Some homeopathic supplements for the dog

Cocculine laboratories Boiron for evil
L72 transport from Lehning for

A hepatic drainage solution such as Boiron PVP.
Traumasedyl for blows, bruises, hematomas and sprains. Care of small cutaneous sores Calendula gel or mother tincture for irritated skin , small

(in mother tincture: 15 to 20 drops diluted in a glass boiled water in dressings, gargles, washes)