Treat the dog's environment against fleas

There is no need to deworm the dog without attacking the environment, which is a permanent reservoir new chips. Each parasite found on the dog indicates that nine other congeners colonize the house! And a female flea lays about 30 eggs a day, which will later go on the assault of your dog.

Wash his blanket every week and carefully maintain his immediate environment. For sleeping, do not use wicker baskets or thick cloth diapers, which can not be washed easily. Like carpets and carpets, they are perfect pest breeding nests, which do not breed on the dog but on the ground.

When you go hunting, concentrate on the carpets , the interstices between the floorboards, the bottom of the curtains, the upholstery of the fabric sofas, the underside of the furniture, which are the favorite refuges for fleas. In good weather, a good steam cleaning will destroy the parasites in the pile of carpets and carpets

Lotion to treat the environment against fleas

To spray in the basket, on the floor (carpet, carpet, parquet), the cushions, the bottom of the curtains...
15 drops of essential oil of tea tree
5 drops of essential oil of lavandin super
5 drops of essential oil of cinnamon of Ceylon (leaf)
10 drops of exotic verbena essential oil 100% pharmaceutical alcohol q. s.

Repellent coatings

Place lavender sachets or

cedar shavings around the bed or, better, in the cushion cover. It smells good and it keeps away parasites! The essential oil of neem is also a good repellent, even an insecticide, that can be added to a shampoo. In the countryside, a bed lined with dry ferns or walnut leaves is known to protect the dog from flea infestations. The riders will reserve a used saddle pad for their dog...

Rid the fleas of the garden The fleas invest - also - your garden. To make it less attractive, care for it. Regularly mow the lawn

(when the grass is clean, the larvae are killed by the heat) and trim shrubs and bushes. The accumulation of plant debris (small branches, leaves to burn...) also attracts ticks Be tolerant with ants, which feed on the larvae. Your dog probably has his favorite resting places, usually in the shade and in direct contact with the land. Regularly remove small branches and other plant debris and from time to time spread a thick black plastic sheeting that you leave in place for four to five days. The heat will destroy fleas and larvae

. You can also use diatomaceous earth

, natural powder of fossilized marine micro-algae, excellent insecticide to spread on the terrace, along the garden shed, and in all hiding places insects (wet cracks, nooks...)