Treat dog's cystitis with natural care

cystitis essentially affects bitches, because of their short urethra, as well as some male dogs with enlarged prostate. The condition is sometimes chronic. This inflammation of the bladder, accompanied by an infection of the urine, results in urges to urinate frequently and painful; the urine may contain blood.
To avoid this, it is important to regulate intestinal transit; there is often concomitance between constipation and cystitis. Again, regular exercise is life-saving. It is also important to ensure that your pet drinks enough water, preferably magnetic water (see below), and not to wait too long between urination.

As for natural care, they are proposed in various parts:

Internal processing

& bull; Concentration urination : Do it yourself. See the recipe. 1 drop per kg of animal weight, 1 time / day. For about 21 days,
& bull; Phyto Urea : Phyto Mate Laboratory (dosage on the package). For about 21 days,
& bull; PVB Urinary disorders ® : Homeopathy (dosage on the package). For about 21 days
and in addition
& bull; Antiseptix - mixture of hydrolats : Do it yourself. See the recipe. 1 teaspoon three times / day (5 to 8 days)

and in addition
& bull; Magnetic water : Without going into the details, it is enough to obtain magnets suitable for the magnetization of the water, like magnets (Auris), for example.

Every night, you place a pot or a bottle of water between your two magnets and the day you leave the water available to your pet (without heating it because it would lose its virtues). Magnetic water can be served to her all her life. The founder of Auris tells us about this wonderful water: "Magnetized water, by its high hydration capacity, avoids the accumulation of waste in the emunctories, their deposit on the walls of the vessels, the congestion of organs, eliminates kidney stones, lowers cholesterol levels and diabetes, fights constipation, liver or biliary insufficiency, promotes weight loss, fights fatigue and lack of energy, prevents injuries during exercise and improves physical performance

External processing

& bull; Application of magnets : The application of magnets is also very interesting externally to revitalize your dog and help him to recover at best. Place magnets, magnets for 5 minutes under both front legs and 5 minutes under both back legs once a day, for 5 days.

Tip to apply magnets :
Place both magnets on a slightly elevated surface (a table for example) and place on both of your friend's front legs, with both back legs resting on the floor or on your thighs. You will keep the same position to the animal but then place the magnets under its hind legs. You can also apply the magnets when your companion is lying down. In either option, you hold the tabs together with your hands.

If the next day, your dog suffers and has a temperature higher than 39 ° C, consult your veterinarian

Prevention in case of repeated cystitis

1. A course of drainage of about ten of days, at spring-summer change of season (end of March)

2. A cure to reinforce immunity for 21 days: 1 or 2 times / year

3. Concentration urination : Do it yourself. See the recipe. 1 drop per kg of animal weight, 1 time / day. For 3 months and repeat as needed

4. Promote intestinal transit : By serving a high fiber food and water magnet at will.

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