Treat dog's angina with natural care

Your dog has remained in a draft or has caught cold, and he is now having difficulty swallowing. With the help of an electric lamp, you noticed that his throat is red. It is necessary to react both locally and internally

Local treatment

& bull; Propolis Spray To do it yourself. See the recipe. In local application, 2 to 3 sprays 2 times / day, until improvement.
& bull; Phyto Propospray Phyto Compagnon Laboratory (dosage on the package). Continue until improvement

In both cases, it is a question of using the bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of propolis. You will spray the product directly into the oral cavity of your pet.

Internal Therapy

& bull; Apis mellifica 9 CH : 1 dose to relieve pain in its infancy
& bull; Belladonna 5 CH + Mercurius solubilis 5 CH + Phytolacca decandra 5 CH : 3 granules morning, noon and night of each of these remedies

& bull; Antiseptix - mixture of hydrolats: To do it yourself. See the recipe. 1 teaspoon three times / day (5 to 8 days)

If the next day, your dog still has temperature (39 ° C), consult your veterinarian.

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