Trapped in her collar, this cat was very badly injured (Photos)

The case of poor Nuggets is the worst that veterinarians in the shelter have ever seen. Her collar was embedded in her skin and made her terribly painful.

Nuggets was an opportunity for veterinarians to remember how important it is to choose the collar of your cat and how dangerous these accessories can be for our cats. This cat was reported to the RSPCA last month in Yorkshire because she looked wounded but did not let herself be approached. "I felt it before I even saw it," says Lucy Green, who intervened to catch her. The animal had a open paw, which was open and very infected because it had not been treated for days or even weeks.

Sheared skin

It had been caused by his collar in which she had managed to pass his paw, perhaps to try to free himself while he was stuck. Except that the necklace, even closed with a rubber band, was only wide enough for his neck and so tight under the armpit that he ended up sneaking into his skin , the shearing deeply. "It was putrid and infected. There were a lot of flies on her, but fortunately there were no eggs or maggots in the wound, otherwise it would have been more serious for her, "says her rescuer at Coventry. Telegraph . The cat suffered such pain that she spat and groaned when she was recovered but once she was neat and free from her trap, she became adorable.

Nuggets' necklace was a necklace loop , a system that necessarily requires human intervention to be removed. However, the case of this cat is far from being the first encountered by the association and these rescues do not always end as well. Sometimes, cats who love to sneak into very narrow passages and climb trees become totally trapped and end up strangling or starving and dehydrating. That is why it is important to prefer anti-strangling collars which stand out under tension (when the cat will pull on all its weight).

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