Cat and kitten toys: which ones to choose?

Homemade or purchased from In trade, cat toys are essential in the development of your feline, whether it is baby or not. Fishing rod, mouse, corks, feather duster, cat plush, scratching post, balls... The choice is vast!

Play in the kitten can occupy 9% of its time . But adult cats, however lonely, spend a lot of time playing. This represents an opportunity for socialization.

In this context, the interest of cat toys should not be underestimated.

Choosing good cat toys

Trade abounds more or less cheap and sophisticated cat toys

For a small price, you can buy a foam ball or a miniature mouse plush lot of toys. It will be enough to paw for the cat to be... Bite!

Cat balls

To entertain your feline, you can also opt for a modern cat toy: the laser . Thrown on the floor or against a wall, it will make your feline crazy. But be careful, never project the laser in his eyes!

A little more imposing, the tunnel will be a real source of fun for the cat. It can lurk around it while watching for its prey or at full speed.

Cat Tunnel

The scratches and the cat trees are of course very appreciated. Cats can indeed attack them at their ease. Materials, hiding places, and built-in toys are great sources of stimulation for the cat.

Making your own cat toys

But you'll probably have noticed, cat toys , nothing can amuse your feline for hours.

Also, a cardboard carelessly laid that the ground will offer endless games of play to your feline. It's not Maru who will say otherwise!

A cork bottle cap will also be a popular cat toy. Launch it, your cat will do the rest. For a slightly more sophisticated toy, attach this famous cap to a elastic string .

You can also make a fishing rod for your cat. Hang on a piece of wood or bamboo a wire to which you have hung a small stuffed animal, a feather or ribbons... Shake this accessory in front of him: that's all the time.

Cat fishing pole

Finally note that cat toys are very effective accessories to calm a stressed cat. They allow the animal to let off steam without spoiling anything.

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Veterinary advice: Which toys to choose for my kitten?

Dr. NoƩmie Tommasini, Director and Trainer at the School of Veterinary Aids - Institut Bonaparte in Paris gives her advice on choosing the right toys for your kitten:

  • Your kitten needs to play. It is essential to his good behavioral balance. He needs to play alone, when you will be away, but also with you. Playing with your kitten strengthens the bonds between you and him.
  • There are plenty of toys of different shapes and colors: balls, mouse stuffed animals, scratchers, feather dusters but also automatic toys that work on batteries and move alone to stimulate your kitten. It's up to you to find the toys that your kitten prefers.

But you can also make yourself toys, a crumpled paper ball, a cork, as many toys entertaining for less.
During your absences leave toys available to prevent your kitten from getting bored. It will be able to let off steam.

  • Attention, however, to the toys which can be easily ingested, like the small plastic mouse covered with fur or the threads, elastics and other laces. These toys once swallowed can cause lesions of the digestive tract but also real occlusions.

In conclusion : play is essential for your kitten, whatever toys you choose make sure your kitten does not swallow them . Vary the toys frequently (for example by choosing a lot of toys), your cat likes the novelty.

> Find the advice of the veterinarian on video to choose the toys of his kitten:

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