Toulon, elected city of France the most welcoming for dogs!

Montpellier, the most "dog friendly" city in France? Well no, not this year: the city loses two places... in favor of Toulon and Perpignan! But in any case, it is in the sun that dogs always seem to enjoy the best living conditions.

The majority of French people now live in urban areas. With them, around 10 million dogs identified according to the latest figures of I-CAD. It is therefore perfectly normal to try to integrate them as much as possible into city life. And according to The list of cities where life is good with his dog edited by the magazine 30 Millions of friends of the month of May , three of them are well off play: Toulon who snatched the first place with a total of 17.92 / 20, Perpignan coming second with the nice score of 17.88 / 20 and Montpellier - the dethroned beautiful - who is in third position with 17.51 ​​points out of 20.

To establish its ranking, the review was based on various criteria - rated out of 20 - such as: accessibility of public transport, green spaces and public places to dogs, cleanliness of the city, the proposed commercial infrastructure, awareness and communication to the dog owners, the dog population and the municipal policy Establishment.

The Senator-Mayor of Toulon, awarded by the Foundation 30 Millions of Friends

In 2017, it is therefore the ca economic heart of the Var who won the jackpot. Why ? For its reasoned approach of sharing its public and green spaces: more than a quarter of them have caniparcs in which dogs can be dropped. Public transport in the city is also accessible to dogs on leash (boats and cable car included) and more than 1.3 million manure bags are distributed by the municipality. And that's not all: there is help for animals left behind, as well as a dog squad that watches over animals . For all these reasons, Reha Hutin, President of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, presented the 30 Million Friends Foundation Ribbon of Honor to Hubert Falco, Senator-Mayor of Toulon.

Ranking of cities dog friendly
City Accessibility Clean Infrastructure
1 Toulon 18.714.715
2 Perpignan 1818.715
3 Montpellier 18.714.713
4 Bordeaux 18.714.714
5 Grenoble 16.718.317
6 Nice 13 317,719
7 Mulhouse 15,71711
8 Boulogne - Billancourt 11,318.314
9 Dijon 14.714.317
10 Saint-Etienne 13.31810
11 Reims 13.317.313
12 Amiens 12.71713
13 Nancy 1219.711
14 Limoges 13.314.311
15 Nantes 1215.712
16 Metz 12.713.717
1 7 Toulouse 1412.712
18 Aix-en-Provence 11.310.318
19 Le Mans 1214,79
20 Rennes 13,31312
21 Lyon 1210.712
22 Tour 1211.315
23 Strasbourg 13.311.711
24 Caen 8.712.716
25 Paris 11.36,39
26 Lille 13.39,711
27 Marseille 129,79
28 Besançon 129,78
29 Angers 8.711.79
30 Brest 8,78,313
31 Villeurbanne 6.79,37

To discover the full ranking of the most "dog friendly" cities in France, visit your local newsagent to obtain the May issue of magazine 30 Millions of friends

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