Touching: They carry their living room in the canine board of their dog (Video of the day)

Igor, it's the name of an adorable and lucky Bulldog . This dog has been adopted by a great family, of which he is a full member, and will do anything to make him happy.
Since he landed in their lives, Igor the Bulldog had never been separated of his humans. Until the last Easter holidays. Everyone flew to Thailand, and Igor was entrusted to a canine boarding because he could not go with them.
But when they discovered the empty box and so little warm that awaited their companion to 4 paws worshiped, they had a tight heart. A wonderful idea then came to them: what if they transformed the place so that Igor felt as good as possible? Better yet, if they recreate their living room in the dog's box?
With the help of his friends, Kai, Igor's master, completely decorated the box. Then the day of departure, all the furniture in the living room were moved from the house to the pension!
Result? Igor felt at home, and did not fail to invite his friends in his living room, especially Hera the Saint Bernard, became his best friend!

And that's how despite the absence of his teachers, Igor had a dream vacation .

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