Tornado and broken legs, a dog finds its owners!

Once again, the foolproof of the best friend of man did not fail his reputation.

An American dog, carried away by a tornado at the end of April, was found alive on Monday.

He was waiting for the return of his masters on the ruined stoop of the house where he lived.

A miracle worker?

Not quite, because this unusual dog came home when his two front legs were broken !

A story that commands respect

A dog stronger than a tornado

Tornadoes have been unleashed in recent weeks in the United States, particularly in the state of Alabama where the family of Mason was living.

When the elements were unleashed, the masters of this crossed Fox-Terrier had time to escape before the house was taken away.

Unfortunately, the dog did not have that chance and was transported in the air before falling heavily on the ground.

The two broken front legs , he then began a long odyssey to reach home despite pain and hunger

After more than two weeks of intense effort, and while his masters had abandoned the idea of ​​seeing him again one day, the dog reappeared on the ruins of the family house

A return to half-hearted

Mason's masters were of course happy to find their little dog , which they had long sought after the drama.

However, this family who lost everything can not take care of expensive care for his animal. They entrusted him to a shelter where a volunteer veterinarian took care of him to provide the best care .

A worker from the shelter where Mason lives testified to his extraordinary willingness to live :

" This is probably the most spectacular case we have seen of an animal surviving such an injury for so long. For an animal that has experienced such a drama, not to be in a foul mood and to be happy to receive companionship is remarkable. We are honored to be part of his recovery .

Indeed, a wounded and hungry dog ​​can to be threatening , even to someone with the best of intentions.

It is not yet known if Mason's family will have the means to recover it, but we wish it wholeheartedly for this very courageous little dog .

See the video of Mason .