Top 9 favorite places for cats to sleep

Cats are heavy sleepers: they can sleep up to 20 hours a day. And usually, it is in places to say the least unusual they indulge in their favorite hobby.

When the cats do not hunt, they rest. Not that they are lazy: it is their way of saving their energy between their intense and trying game races. But why do goddesses sleep in unseemly places? Simply because they have kept their predatory instincts, and the small, comfortable, hard-to-reach places keep them warm and provide a sense of security. Here are their favorite spots to taste the best of restorative sleep:

1. In the bed of their owner

2. In a clothes closet

3. In a cardboard box

>> Why do boxes make a cardboard box for cats?

4. On furniture in height

5. Warm on a radiator

6. In a sink

7. In flower pots

8. On the family computer

9. On the back of a comfortable and cozy dog ​​

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