Top 8 dogs videos 2009

The year 2009 has had its share of significant moments, even for dogs . We invite you to discover or rediscover the dog videos that marked the past year.

Sometimes funny, sometimes cute, sometimes heroic, or fantastic, we can say that the dogs have not been idle this year. And we hope they will impress us as much in 2010 . Best of dog videos 2009 :

The Chihuahua who drives a car

Everyone knows, to flirt with girls, nothing better than a beautiful sports car! Well for dogs it's the same thing. And when a Chihuahua male wants to pay court to a Yorkshire female, he gets out of the way...

The dog that pee on 2 legs

Decidedly when it comes to getting noticed, the Chihuahuas are at home Appointment ! So when Chester does his needs, he puts on 2 legs... but the front 2 legs! We can say that it is the most beautiful effect.

The imprisoned dog

This poor little dog was loosely put in prison. A jail of... soda cans! It does not matter, it's a prison anyway and it's hard to get out.

The dog that's doing the gym

Everyone knows that the Border Collie is one of the smartest dogs. Proof of this, he has understood the importance of the gym for good health

The dog who trampoline

This dog has nothing to envy the Border Collie gymnast: he too is a great sporty, he is already a champion of trampoline!

The dog crossing the highway

This video marked the spirits for the determination of a dog out of nowhere who ventures on a highway with heavy traffic for save another dog that was hit by a car. The dog manages to drag his companion on the side of the road, but unfortunately there is nothing more to do for him.

The puppies who fall asleep

A man has the power to sleep a whole litter of puppies with the sound of her soothing voice. This is surprising

Dancing puppies

These puppies learn choreography from an early age. And we can say that they perform it perfectly.

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