Top 5 of the best flea control for cats

It's spring, the days are getting longer, it's getting sweeter and... fleas and ticks are back. Thanks to our selection of antiparasitics, put your darling hair in the shelter!

RED ALERT: with the beautiful days that are settling down, the nightmares of our beloved cats are back. In addition, between pipette and necklace, your heart swings. But do not panic: our selection of products acclaimed by pet owners on Conso Animo should help you protect them.

And for good reason, we must not forget that fleas and ticks are not safe for our little companions...

1. Bayer Advantage Cat Pest Control
Bayer's Advantage Cat Pest Control is administered through pipettes. Also, it is a very simple product to use.

2. Virbac EFFIPRO cat control pipettes
Thanks to its monthly dosing pipettes, Virbac offers cat owners an easy-to-use product with Stack the right amount of product.

Fiprospot spot-on cat antiparasite Effective from the first 48 hours of application, Fiprospot spot-on cat Ceva allow your cat to escape parasites of all kinds for 4 weeks

4. Seresto Cat Collar
Looking for a durable and easy to apply solution to fight ticks and fleas? The Seresto cat collar seems to be the answer: just attach it to your cat's neck and it will be protected for 7 to 8 months.

5. Pest control for dogs and cats Fiproline
Not especially fan of pipettes and necklaces? The Fiproline pest control spray is the solution for you: just spray the product directly on your pet's coat

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