Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds

Giant dogs, it's your hobby? Well... here are the 10 biggest dog breeds!

The bigger they are, the more space they take up at home? Probably yes. But that's why you love these sweet fur giants that we know as tender marshmallows! Here are the 10 largest dog breeds with their indicated size in centimeters:

1. The Mastiff

The Mastiff can measure between 76 and 91 cm, it is the largest breed of dog

2. The St. Bernard

The size of St. Bernard can be between 70 and 90 cm high.

3. The Great Dane

The Great Dane is the 3rd largest dog with a size between 80 and 86 cm.

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4. The Irish Greyhound

The Irish Greyhound is very big! It can measure between 78 and 86 cm.

5. Borzoi

Borzoi is a dog breed that can be between 75 and 85 cm tall.

6. The Pyrenees Mountain

The Pyrenees Mountain is gigantic! Its size is between 70 and 82 cm.

7. The Anatolian Shepherd

The dog Anatolian Shepherd is not outdone with a height of 74 to 81 cm!

8. The Landseer

The breed dog Landseer is very big, its size is between 72 and 80 centimeters.

9. The Leonberger

The majestic Leonberg can measure from 71 to 80 centimeters!

10. The Neapolitan Mastin

The Neapolitan Mastin is huge, its size can be between 65 and 73 centimeters!

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