Tooniz contest: nothing is played

You are more and more numerous at Vitakraft Tooniz Challenge , and these are already 800 Tooniz competing for the top spots

You think everything is played ? Far from it, it remains more than a month before the closing of the contest, and ranking moves constantly!
Who will be the winners? As you know, to have a chance to win one must have one of his Tooniz in the Top 100 (reminder: you have the right to create up to 5 Tooniz). Then a jury will choose its 50 favorite Tooniz among the 100.
But in fact, how to get the maximum of votes for its Tooniz? Here are some tips to follow...

Make your friends vote!

Remember that you can vote every day for your favorite Tooniz, so feel free to come back every day to get your Tooniz up in the rankings

Invite your family members and your friends to vote for your Tooniz. Send them a daily email to remind them to vote, and post your Tooniz on your Facebook wall !

You can also count on the solidarity of AllCreatureAnimalClinic members to come support you: take part in the forum dedicated to votes for the contest Tooniz

Our favorite Tooniz

Make a Tooniz , it's all a job! Some members of AllCreatureAnimalClinic have more training than others and know how to handle the art of the unusual photo and the legend " who kills .

Here are 3 very funny Tooniz that could give you inspiration for the contest. And the more LOL wins!

Tooniz de Margaux

Tooniz of Ellie 60

Tooniz of Dahlia

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