Tooniz contest: another 2 weeks!

You still have exactly 15 days to submit your Tooniz and encourage your friends to vote for your creations. The goal is to appear in the Top 100 and be selected for the 2nd stage of the contest .

One vote per person, per day

Remember that each participant can create up to 5 Tooniz , so are more likely to access the Top 100. If you have not created your 5 Tooniz yet, now is the time

> Create a Tooniz for the contest

To maximize your chances of appearing in the Top 100, you can appeal to the vote of your loved ones (on Facebook, on forums you frequent...) or to the generosity of AllCreatureAnimalClinic members: the exchange of votes between competitors has made many Tooniz go up in the overall ranking!

On the other hand, we rely on the good faith of the participants to respect the rule of " one vote per day and per person ": any abuse or cheating will result in disqualification.

Humor foremost

Gather a maximum number of votes and appear In the Top 100, it's a good start. But our jury will select only the 50 Funniest Tooniz for the final ranking.

Thus the big winner of the Tooniz contest, who will be offered 1 year of food for his animal, will be the one who has the Tooniz:
- The most original
- The most creative
- The most humorous
- The most aesthetic

You know what you have to do: on your marks, ready , vote!

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