Too cute: Santa's fan, a bitch finally meets her idol!

Kya, a bitch resident in Orlando, Florida, is a fan of Santa Claus. She even has a toy with her effigy that she takes everywhere with her. So when she finally had the honor of meeting Santa Claus in person, she went crazy with joy. And the web too.

Kya's blanket? A stuffed Santa, of course! Since her masters gave it to her, she never leaves him. "When we get home, she brings it to us," Angelina, her owner, told BuzzFeed. So when this young mistress spotted an animal photo shoot with Santa , she jumped at the chance. Neither one nor two, so she took her little white Shiba Inu to meet her idol...

Instagram photo by Angelina M

She meets Santa Claus in TRUE

It is there, in a shopping arcade of Orlando, that the meeting took place. Kya, usually very agitated, immediately calmed down when she saw the man with the white beard. Impressed, she posed alongside him for a photo. Posted on social networks, the cliché has reached more than 150 000 Internet users! A memory that his masters are not about to forget...

John on Twitter

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