Tomorrow, join the world day for the abandoned animals

Worldwide, there would be more than 600 million stray animals , struggling to survive on the streets. They suffer both cold and heat, fight against hunger and disease, and sometimes are even hunted by the authorities or manhandled.

It is in the name of these animals without roof or family that ' Stray Animals Day has been established. Every year, around the world, April 4th is an opportunity for animal friends to join forces to make a difference. So that we do not forget the misery of these four-legged friends left behind.

It was in 2010 that this initiative was born in the Netherlands. At a national conference that brought together more than a hundred organizations to protect and help stray animals, the idea came to them to set up a world day devoted to these abandoned animals.

What to do abandoned animals?

Associations and individuals are invited to take advantage of this day to improve the plight of stray animals . It is possible, for example, to organize free vaccination and sterilization sessions, to go out on the streets to feed hungry animals, to set up competitions and lotteries to raise funds... Free to participate in their own way, and according to his means, to this world-wide event.

In the first years following the introduction of Stray Animals Day, more than 2,000 people participated in this event, and this in fifty different countries , Great Britain to Georgia via France. The success of this day devoted to stray animals is growing and gaining notoriety.

This growing popularity, the Stray Animal Day owes among others to Cesar Millan, who was chosen to be the ambassador. Mexico, his hometown, is populated by stray dogs, Cesar is particularly sensitive to this cause and it is with enthusiasm that he helps to publicize this event.
But the main driving force of the Stray Animals Day, are the citizens of each country. It is those who commit themselves on April 4, more and more numerous year after year, that allow this movement to exist and grow.

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