Tokyo subway star, this cat uses it daily since 2013!

It is hairy, cute, he purrs... and his story went around the world since. some days. Yes, we're talking about this cat - angelic fraudster. - traveling on the Tokyo subway, Seibu Ikebukuro several years

If you have already had the opportunity to visit Japan and its capital, it is likely that you have already crossed this cat! And because, despite the complexity of the Tokyo rail network, this very clever cat would use almost daily Metro Seibu Ikebukuro line... since - at least - 2013

If he does not pay his ticket like any other user and that animals in the wild are (usually) strictly prohibited in public transport in the country of the Rising Sun, it would seem that - facing unparalleled feline charm. - the authorities turn a blind eye... leaving happily wander

西武 線に 猫 ナ ウ
箱 座 り, 電車 慣 れ し て る ☻

- kumikoy (@ kumikoya2737) July 12, 2015

あ れ ?? 自 分 も 西武 池袋 線内 で 猫 乗 っ て る の 見 つ け た ん だ け ど ど う 見 て も 同 じ 猫 だ www

- iro (@irohamu) March 12, 2016

西武 線 に 猫 乗 って た.

- hama_bot (@hmmtkntr) 24 August 2014

At the same time, it does not seem so It disturbs other travelers since they take it regularly in photos and that in addition, it respects the rules of the metro. Indeed, it is always installed so as not to disturb anyone!

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