To rejuvenate 10 years, adopt a dog!

"If you have a dog, your fitness is that of a 10-year-old younger than you ", says Dr. Zhiqiang, a researcher at the Scottish University of St. Andrews after conducting a recently published study in Preventive Medicine. And to add: "It does not add a decade to your life expectancy, but it benefits him."

The research was conducted among 547 people on average 79 years old. Among them, 50 had a dog and the measurement of their movements with an accelerometer as well as the study of their physical activity showed that their activity rate was 12% higher than those n having no best 4-legged friend.

"The animal stimulates the personal activity and pushes to overcome obstacles"

Nothing really surprising. When you are the proud owner of a dog, you have to allow the dog to stretch his legs and spend his energy. Whether it's raining or selling, take him for a walk. while people who do not have 4-legged companions can stay on their couch all day long.

"The animal stimulates personal activity and pushes to overcome obstacles such as bad weather or fear of aggression in the street "says Dr. Zhiqiang

An animal is good for morale!

But that's not all. The study found that dog owners were less anxious and depressed than those without pets.

It is well known that pets, dogs , cats or NACs are good for morale

> Hundreds of dogs are waiting for a family in shelters, which like every year, are overloaded during this period of summer holidays. Feel free to consult our section adoption, the 4-legged companion of your life may be waiting for you!