To keep his dog busy while he is at school, this little boy had an adorable idea (Video of the day)

They are so cute.

It is often said that the dog is Man's best friend, this video is once again the proof. Since the arrival of little Elliott in the family, Gemma Pitbull has never ceased to watch over him , to play with him and to lick him. A very close relationship and a love that gets stronger from year to year.

Unfortunately for Gemma, Elliott had to start going to school and the dog had to stay alone during these times. Depressed during Elliott's absence, Gemma began to shut herself in.

Gemma, good girl. on Instagram: "He made a bed for Gemma and climbed...

To help the little dog, Elliott and his parents decided to find him a girlfriend. This is where Boop came into their lives. The little kitten was only to stay with them until she found a family for life. But quickly, Gemma and Boop became inseparable and Elliott's family decided to keep it.

Since Boop's arrival, Gemma is much better and no longer bored when her baby Human is at school.

You can read about Gemma, Elliott and Boop below.

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