To give back to her grandmother's smile, she gently puts her dog in the

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Great! An American girl in her twenties decided to surprise her hospitalized grandmother by bringing her dog to the hospital. But for that, it had to be tricky! Following a bad reaction after taking medication, Shelby Hennick's grandmother found herself stuck in the hospital for several days

, almost paralyzed . A rather depressing situation for the old lady very close to her dog and her granddaughter used to visit him very regularly.

A perfect trick Determined to make the smile to his grandmother, Shelby Hennick decided to take Patsy the dog to visit the one with whom he has been living for more than 13 years. Unfortunately, dogs are forbidden in hospitals. This is where the young woman - with the help of her mother - had the idea to trick. She placed the dog under a blanket

, suggesting that it was a baby. Without asking anything, the hospital staff then let him in.

A grandmother to the angels Delighted to receive the visit of her granddaughter, the grandmother first thought she was coming with the baby

from her sister. When she discovered the dog under the blanket, the grandmother did not hide her joy and spent long minutes cuddling Patsy, smiling. Very happy to see her trickery work, Shelby Hennick admits a nurse may have spotted her maneuver but did nothing to prevent the dog from returning.