To take revenge on his cat, he wakes him up when he sleeps!

Every night, it's the same story: his cat wakes him up like billions of felines do around the world with their master. And although he loved her, he still decided to take revenge on him... and (a little) all the others too!

This is the story of the sprinkler watered. By being woken up every night by his cat named Italics, the American writer Nicholas Tecosky has cracked. Yes, he loves her, with all his heart. But the meows at 4 am were no longer possible for him. So he waited for his companion to dive into a deep sleep... and filmed him waking him up.

A revenge he shared on YouTube that already accounts for 2,800,000 views :

The cat, a nocturnal animal

In the defense of Italics, you should know that it is normal for a living tiger to be more active at night than during the day. Before being domesticated, he was indeed a predator who raged at night to feed. Even if it lacks nothing, it is simply because it is in its genes that it acts thus. You can, however, correct this "little worry" by keeping it awake the day through games! Thus, it will be simpler for you to set up a routine for him to be built on yours...

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