Bored of parcel flights in her building, she has a great idea (Video)

And it involves his cat!

It was in San Francisco that this amazing story unfolded. But it could happen anywhere else. Somewhat annoyed by parcel flights in her building, a resident of the beautiful city of San Francisco decided to retaliate in her own way .

The flight that broke the camel

After the robbery of nearly $ 1,000 worth of drugs for his sick cat, Cameo Wood decided it was time to act. Since the sign in front of the door was not enough, nor the security cameras, she found another solution .

Cameo Wood took several totally empty Amazon boxes and put in used litter and very fragrant. She then closed the parcels and placed them at the same place as usual.

In all, no less than six "trapped" packages were filed and all were stolen the previous day and Christmas Day... Furious that people are making fun of flying during the holidays, Cameo Wood has posted two snapshots from surveillance cameras on Twitter

Cameo Wood ??? on Twitter

Cameo Wood ??? on Twitter

It is hoped that thieves will be discouraged by this very odorous adventure and will no longer want to steal parcels not belonging to them again.

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