Tips for Winning the Tooniz Contest

Already 600 Tooniz posted , the competition is tough! But by the way, how can I hope to be part of 150 Tooniz selected by the jury?

You have all understood the concept of the Tooniz contest , just associate a percussive caption to a original photo of your pet

And for those who lack inspiration, here are some tips to make his Tooniz:

- a reference to a famous film
- the use of a proverb known to all
- a parody of advertising
- to make his animal speak like a human...

2,500 euros of lots!

You can take your time to publish 3 Tooniz since the selection of the 150 Funniest Tooniz by our jury will be 16 October 2011 .

From from there, the 50 Tooniz who win the most votes will earn their creator great gifts.

The winner of the Tooniz contest will have the chance to win digital camera a e value of 500 euros (to take his animal under all the seams).

He will also benefit from a voucher of 100 euros to be worth on the shop and 30 euros of products Vitakraft . In all these are 2 500 euros of lots that the winners will share.

We talk about the contest Tooniz

The Competition Tooniz started on the hats, and the media echo it

The LCI channel has dedicated a few minutes to our original competition, while displaying some unusual creations from our members.

We take the opportunity to congratulate them! Watch the video .

So you too try your luck at the Tooniz contest , and as inspiration, here are some Tooniz winners of the first edition: