Tips before buying a dog

You decided to buy a dog, but just before his arrival, questions persist. Whether it's a puppy or an adult dog, here are some general tips to get your animal home up and running in the best conditions

Questions to ask yourself before

Before to buy a dog , it is not enough to know what it looks like, how much it costs and how big it is: you have to try to learn as much as possible about their psychophysical characteristics in order to know everything that can be expected of them... and what they can expect from us.

Buying a dog is not like buying a pair of shoes: it is "almost" as adopting a child , because it is a step that should be taken with the same seriousness and the same feeling of responsibility.

The dog is a living being sensitive and intelligent: it must be respected for that. The dog can be a friend, a collaborator, a member of the family: he must never be "only" an animal that is fed twice a day because - just like a child - he is not only hungry but it also has a great hunger for love, care, learning.

Owning a dog also means sweeping away all doubts and preconceptions from one's mind: you have to wonder if it is a danger for children, if it can transmit diseases, what is the real cost of its maintenance or what work is its training.

It should be noted that those who bring truth categorical people have usually only heard of dogs (sometimes by other "super experts" like them) or have had one or two dogs (who have often remained locked in a garden without ever having contact with the masters) but in reality they do not know anything about this animal; however, they are convinced that they know everything.

Indeed, no true dog training expert can be so assertive, because those who really know dogs know very well that it would take ten lives to "know" everything about dogs. dogs

Misconceptions about aggression

In addition, it should be noted that killer dogs do not exist . There is no such thing as "races that bite children" or dogs that, drooling on their lips and bulging eyes, drag in the streets to find a human being to plant their teeth.

there are very aggressive dogs and less aggressive dogs, but aggression is not a defect , it is a normal component of the character. She was selected in some breeds rather than others, but no one has ever had fun creating an anti-man dog: we have created dogs that are very aggressive towards game (see Burrows) and also aggressive dogs. the other dogs (see breeds born for fighting), but none of these dogs "have any" after the man. On the contrary, dogs that are most likely to bite their peers usually adore the man and are incredibly gentle with the children.

Naturally, while it is true that there are no killer dogs, it is equally true that there are men who are killers. They can even make dangerous and biting a little poodle, because a dog has the only serious fault of being ready to do anything to please his master: if he asks him to bite children and elderly, he will bite children and old people.

But the ferocious beast is not him (note: the fact that small poodles are not the dogs most often accused of being cruel and biting systematically simply means that the "two-legged fools" do not buy small poodles, but prefer other types of dogs, but placed in the hands of balanced and healthy-minded people, these same dogs become very gentle and harmless). The finding is always the same: The only truly ferocious race is the human race .