Tincture of Calendula officinalis


Pharmaceutical alcohol at 40 ° unmodified : 350 ml

Calendula, dried plants : 70 g


Finely cut dried calendula flowers. Place them in a clean glass jar. Cover with selected alcohol

Leave to macerate for 21 days in the shade and at room temperature. Filter

Ensure optimum hygiene in terms of handling, worktop, utensils and ingredients

Store up to 3 years away from light, heat and moisture

Ingredient properties

alcohol is used to extract the properties of the plant. It also ensures good preservation

Calendula is, among others, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and healing.

Observations : this recipe applies to all the dyes mentioned in this site (echinacea, eleuterococcus, propolis and goldenrod)

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