Tihon, the giant Maine Coon who loves cuddling and freaks the net surfers

This gigantic white cat living in Moscow makes a sensation on Instagram where his mistress regularly posts pictures showing how much he loves to be in his arms, as soon as he has the opportunity.

It may not be soup or rather its mash that has made Tihon grow but rather the very many hugs with his mistress which he has a hard time without. As a result, this beautiful Maine Coon with snow-white coat and fascinating minnows has reached an impressive size and weight that does not prevent it from taking refuge in the arms of the student. with love, even though it may be difficult to wear its 8 kg . Especially since at one year, it may not have completed its growth!

Instagram - @kotyiliudi

Softness and tenderness

Quiet force, Tihon may be imposing he is the sweetness incarnate. "He's very calm," says his human LoveMeow . In Russian, "Tiho" means silent, hence its name. He purrs silently, peacefully. His mission in life is to be always at my side . The big cat really hates being alone and waits every day for the young woman to come back from the door to jump on her and not to let her go.

Instagram - @kotyiliudi

On Instagram , the Moscow chat attracts more and more Internet users (13 000 to date), impressed by its size and moved by its needs of constant tenderness. At his side often appears his friend, a Scottish Fold, with whom he also shares his cuddle sessions.

Instagram - @kotyiliudi

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