Tiffany Two, the oldest cat in the world, died at the age of 27

Only a few months after entering the record books, Tiffany Two, the oldest cat of the world, died near his mistress . Aged 27 years, 2 months and 9 days, the cat died on May 22. "She spent her last days lying on the deck or in the garden," Sharron Voorhees told ABC News .

"She used to sleep against me every night, but in recent months she was sleeping in the middle of the stairs, and more recently she had taken up residence on one of the dog's big pillows in the living room, but that night she slept for almost a month on her heating mat. "she says,

And how happy she feels happy and lucky to have spent 27 years with Tiffany Two .

It's in a pet store in San Diego, California that Sharron Voorhees fell for the beautiful black and orange cat born in March 1988.

She bought it for $ 10 and named it Tiffany Two in honor of her first dead cat in the 1970s, and who had like her a magnificent tortoiseshell dress.

The two puppies that Sharron adopted at the same time and who grew up near the Unfortunately, many years ago,


27 years old is a very good age, but Tiffany Two was still young compared to the c hat, which holds the absolute record for the time being. longevity . Cream Puff, a Texas native cat born in 1967, has lived 38 years.

Saying that they are very saddened by the news, Guinness World Records officials announce that they have launched research and verification to determine who will be the worthy successor of Tiffany Two.