Thumper, the miraculous kitten who has learned to walk

Thumper is the name of a kitten who does not lack courage , a miraculous ball of hair, who had to learn to walk when his brothers and sisters ran and jumped already.

"He could not walk, he was dragging "

This little white cat was was discovered in a courtyard, where he had been abandoned with his brothers and two other litters of kittens. All were collected by the association People and Cats Together . Nine cats were saved that day , but the members of the association immediately noticed that Thumper was different others

" He was gangly ," says Jane, one of the volunteers who took care of Thumper. " He looked like a newborn deer, he could not walk, he was dragging himself "

Then the diagnosis fell: the adorable kitten suffers from a rare neurological problem, for which no treatment exists. The rescuers of Thumper had then little hope. " It's so hard, they do not survive in environments like that" says Jane

While the other kittens were growing, evolving, having fun, Thumper could not play with them , and veterinarians feared never to see him walking.

A small ball of hair, but immense courage

But it was not counting on the anger of the little ball of hair, and the kindness of the employees and volunteers of the association. They had the idea to design for him a kind of trolley, to allow him to stand on his feet, to move without losing his balance, and therefore to develop his muscles

A few weeks were enough to see Thumper running and gaining confidence. His feet and back were strengthened, then he made it clear that he did not want his cart anymore. Thumper wanted to walk alone , to be free as the air!

And what had to arrive arrived: the kitten managed to move alone, without any help. Is it necessary to specify how this moment was moving ?

Of course, his approach is very special. But no matter, Thumper can frolic and frolic happily with his friends.

He is now ready to be adopted, and is waiting for a loving family to fall under his immense spell. As Jane points out, " he needs someone who will love him as much as we love him ".