Thrown from a bridge, this cat is saved by a captain of a ship

Jordan Smith had never attended such a show. Fortunately he was present for this ball of hair.

"I've seen crazy things in this world but I've never seen a living animal being thrown off a bridge," laments Jordan Smith from dwfDailyNews . Captain of the Profishonal fishing boat, he was spending Thursday near the Marler Bridge in Choctawatchee Bay, Florida to retrieve a group he was to take fishing when he heard that things were being thrown into the water from the top of the bridge. Garbage ? No...

An adorable little cat

When he took a closer look, he saw a pair of orange eyes that seemed to be calling for help. It was actually a little black cat. He grabbed a net and threw it towards the animal that he was able to pull from the safe but traumatized water. The cat did not want to let go of his rescuer who held him in his arms until the arrival at the port. "It was very intense," he says. He was so focused on the little tomcat that he hit the bridge twice during the rescue.

Once on dry land, he gave the cat to a friend who took him to a vet while he finished his work. He plans to get it back on Friday and to welcome him to his family. He thinks he's calling it Miracle. A perfect name for this ball of hair that was very lucky!

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