Thrown by the window of a truck, these puppies were saved by the best of moms!

When Blossom, a refuge bitch, lost two of the three puppies she had put in world, she went into a deep depression. But needy little balls of hair saved her, and vice versa!

When two of his little ones died, Blossom became inconsolable. Maggie, coordinator at the Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston shelter, was desperate at not being able to help this unhappy dog ​​mom.

But one day, Maggie heard about a litter of eight puppies in distress who had literally been thrown out the window of a moving truck. Two of his puppies were dead instantly. The survivors remained very vulnerable. So Maggie had an idea...

"The best way to heal is to help others"

The young woman decided to give these puppies a new mom to take care of them: Blossom. She was not sure it worked and was worried that the dog would reject those puppies that were not hers. But, by chance, everything went perfectly! Instinctively, Blossom let the little balls of hair snuggle up against her and suckle her:

Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston

While Blossom takes her role as foster mother in heart and seems to have taken back faith in life, puppies will be able to grow serenely. "Blossom teaches us that the best way to heal is to help others," said Maggie.

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