Threatened with deportation because he feeds stray cats

Bernard Arnaud, a retiree living in Floirac, near Bordeaux, may well end up homeless. This man is indeed threatened with expulsion by his lessor. Why ? Because in love with cats, he always feeds the wandering felines of his district.

It is a volunteer of the school of the free cat of Bordeaux, Thérèse Duhauga, which revealed this business to the media, hoping to see these threats abandoned.

22 years of helping cats in his neighborhood

22 years that Bernard Arnaud and his wife live in the city of the South and as many years as the friend of cats feeds and cares for stray cats. But on November 7, reports , the couple received a notice from his real estate agency "to stop feeding cats immediately and without delay", and this under Article 6 of the rules of his residence, "prohibiting the feeding of animals, including passage, in green areas to prevent the proliferation of insects and rodents."

Already, Bernard Arnaud had to get rid last month of his old car, left in the parking lot of the residence and became a shelter for stray cats during the winter. "ICF Habitat Atlantique gave me seven days to have my vehicle removed, which I did on my own to avoid an addition that would have been very salty," he says.

Fighting Proliferation

But the six cats he is currently dealing with - there was a time when Bernard Arnaud fed some 18 tomos - did not leave. Faithful to the post, the "five males and two females, including one about to have youngsters who had been abandoned by tenants who moved recently" continue to wait for their lunchbox every day.

The man, who With the help of the School of free cat Bordeaux fight against the proliferation of stray cats by sterilizing them, do not understand why he is so threatened, he who always takes care of "remove the food so as not to attract the pigeons and possibly detect the arrival of a new cat "explain Thérèse Duhauga and Mathilde Leblond, the president of the Bordeaux association that should soon put online a petition .