This weekend, the shelters of the SPA open their doors

As every year, the Society for the Protection of the Animals (SPA) will open for 2 days the doors of its 56 refuges , on occasion of a grand adoption weekend

This will be the second weekend open house of the year. The first was organized in May.

Employees and volunteers of the association will welcome you 6 and 7 October in all the shelters of France. And all are eager to introduce you to the many animals that the four of France expect nothing more than your love , and a home where to flow happy days!

For the SPA , this weekend represents an essential meeting for thousands of abandoned animals The association hopes that it will be a moment of strong mobilization.

A second chance for thousands of animals

Thanks to these two days of open doors, a new chance will be given to all those animals that today live behind bars . They are unfortunately very numerous at the beginning of autumn, after a summer marked by a lot of abandonments.

In its last balance sheet, the SPA lists 11 000 animals collected in its refuges during the months of June, July and August . The association is also worried about the length of stay of these animals, increased from 78 days in 2009 to 91 days 3 years later...

" A pet is made to live with his master. He must not suffer the suffering of abandonment , "says the SPA. And the association reminds that adopting an animal is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It implies real responsibilities which unfortunately are not always well measured...

Adoption, a thoughtful and responsible act

An animal is not a toy. And an adoption must be a responsible and thoughtful act.

This weekend of open house will also be an opportunity to make it clear to those who plan to welcome a 4-legged companion. .

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