This week, take your pet to work!

From June 19th to 23rd, it's the "Take Your Dog to Work" week, organized by Pet Sitters International. The opportunity to make your pet... your office colleague!

A recent study conducted at Banfield Hospital states: 7 out of 10 human resources managers agree that the presence of animals on the premises has a positive effect on employees. 73% of 18-35 year olds surveyed even see the benefit of being able to take their dog to work.

Once again, this study proves how good the animal is to the man, including his workplace: it gives morale to employees, reduces their stress, gives them a better balance between their professional lives and their lives and gives them greater loyalty to the company. Not only is the animal at work beneficial for the owner and the company, but it is also good for himself, since it saves him from staying home alone.

More and more companies are welcoming animals

Mars Petcare France, as a company welcoming animals for more than 30 years, participates in this week "Take your pet to work" organized by the association Pet Sitters International. This year, all associates of the company are invited to participate in a photo contest featuring their animal. "We are convinced of the relevance of the approach and the positive effects of the presence of pets in the workplace. And although here we can already come with our dogs every day, we think this day is a great opportunity to celebrate the links between humans and their animals , "said Olivier P├ęchereau, Director General of Mars Petcare France

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