This two-legged cat will impress you when you see all he can do!

Collected by a couple from Auckland, New Zealand, after a short stay in a shelter cat lost a second leg following his adoption. A handicap that does not prevent him from living.

He hunts lizards as fast as any domestic feline, runs chickens without any difficulty, enjoys life, plays... and yet, Simon the red cat is not really like all the others: he is handicapped.

At first glance, it does not show. And yet, when he was adopted 3 years ago, he was already missing the left hind leg. A difference of which he made a force: with his unusual personality and his combativity foolproof, he cracked a couple who decided to adopt it.

But last June, a tragedy happened. The cat lost his left front paw after being attacked by a neighbor's dog. And despite all the attempts of veterinarians to save his member... he had to be amputated.

An event that did not taint the happiness and joy of the animal. That he has three or two legs does not change anything for him: he is always agile, fast and happy to live. The proof ? Here it is in this video posted on his Facebook page:

Simons "All Right"

Stairs, games games with his brothers and hair stylists... nothing stops him:

Simon the two- legged cat

For his masters, Simon is not a "special cat", he's just their favorite cat... and a real inspiration.

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