This tortoiseshell cat has given birth to 5 kittens as unique as

Pregnant and about to give birth, this abandoned cat came to find help from 2 humans who immediately adopted it. A few days ago, she gave birth to a litter of kittens with different fur.

When they saw this cat with the sublime tortoiseshell dress abandoned and wandering around their place of work, these two Internet users have immediately cracked. And two distinctive signs finally convinced them to adopt her: her lack of a tail and her visibly advanced pregnancy . While she was suspicious of humans, she let this duo approach him and help him. In anticipation of her delivery, they have arranged a box for her to put down safely and comfortably.

5 beautiful kittens

A few days is a different place that the feline has chosen in Maternity but she still stayed close to her humans. In one corner of the room, she gave birth to 5 healthy kittens and above all, different coat , as shown in the pictures published by her masters on Reddit. The first is the spitting image of her mother and sharing her multicolored dress but is born with a tail

The first kitten tortoiseshell

The second is a miniature black panther.

The second kitten, all black

The third is red tabby and anoure, like his mother

The third kitten, red and without tail

The fourth is both tiger and tortoiseshell in shades of gray.

The fourth cat, half tabby, half tortoiseshell

The last, a gray tabby, is a small latecomer who pointed the tip of his muzzle 2 hours after his brothers and sisters, while no one was waiting for him

The fifth kitten, gray tabby

The little family, feline version of a pub Benetton, is doing well and the cat now gives such confidence to his humans that they have the right to cuddle her, she and his babies

A new family

The happy mother has definitely been adopted but her two rescuers v find new homes for their little ones in which they will be warmly welcomed when they grow up. For the moment, 2 out of 5 have already found a future family but the 3 others should not have trouble to be placed. In the meantime, they will stay with their mother and their humans.

The cat and her babies

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