This tiny kitten in danger of death has metamorphosed into a beautiful cat

Nobody did not think he would spend the night...

Aged only three days and totally left to himself , an adorable and tiny kitten was rescued by firemen who took him immediately to the vet. On the spot, the vital prognosis of the animal is obviously engaged.

To give a chance to this little kitten to survive, the veterinarian contacts the association Good Karma Pet Rescue which agrees to take care of the

So Ashley Nieves-Flores met Steph Purrrry: "He was cold, very weak and covered with fleas.

That night, Ashely Nieves-Flores gets up every hour to check that the kitten is fine , feed him and keep him alive. A week later, Ashely Nieves-Flores continues to wake up every night to help this little cat and make sure everything is fine for him. Two weeks after his arrival, the kitten offers his savior his first purring! This is where Ashley Nieves-Flores decides to name it Steph Purrrry. Since that day, the kitten keeps purring when she touches him.

A beautiful adoption

From day to day, Steph Purrrry becomes bigger and stronger. When Lisa Levy meets him, she falls in love and decides to adopt it to give him a new chance. Today, Steph Purrrry is five months old and is truly unrecognizable . Very hairy, the little kitten has become a magnificent and majestic cat.

More happy than ever in his house for life with his new mother, Steph Purrrry receives every week the visit of the one who saved him life . And to thank it, it purrs twice as hard!

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