This tiny Husky has a very good reason to wear clothes...

Cascade is an adorable little female Husky who had a very complicated beginning of life because of a small specificity...

Whereas she was only 7 weeks old, Cascade was deposited in a veterinary clinic by her breeder who wanted her to be euthanized . Indeed, the little female Husky had very special needs because of health problems. Fortunately, the veterinarian finally convinced the breeder to instead give the bitch to a shelter for him to offer a second chance in life. What he agreed to do.

Picked up in a shelter where she was immediately treated like a little star, Cascade was diagnosed with a spinal cord problem .

"We do not know if she was born that way or if it comes from an injury," says a shelter volunteer. In any case, this has consequences for the health of Cascade who initially had a hard time walking and will remain significantly smaller than other dogs of his race all his life.

A very good reason to wear clothes

In addition to these various problems, Cascade has no tail and must also wear diapers continuously because it is incontinent . That's why his host family decided to make him wear small clothes that, besides being adorable, make it possible to keep the diaper in place and hide it a little.

Despite all these problems Cascade has a golden character and loves to walk, play and spend time with other animals. A true little love that now only expects one thing: a family offers him a second chance by adopting !

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