This tiny 13-year-old cat was in danger of death until...

At 13 years old, this cat is so small it looks like a kitten.

TimTams is an adorable 13 year old cat who is looking for her family for life. Small particular detail, the cat is the size of a kitten of 4 months, which makes it really unique .

Installed in a refuge in Virginia, the cat has a hard time finding a family she is so timid on a daily basis. Unfortunately for her, her time in the shelter was numbered , it was necessary to find a solution.

It is by hearing about this cat that Karyn Poplin - who holds an association specializing in cats with special needs - decides to take action and save the life of TimTams to offer a new and well-deserved life. So TimTams made the way to Texas to settle in his new home .

A new life for TimTams

First scared and very shy, TimTams started to to get used to his new life little by little. After a few days, she already feels at home. Now she spends her time sleeping and cuddling. His speciality ? Give small nods to greet new humans

Surrounded by many new friends, TimTams lives today the life she has always dreamed of and deserves. Despite her small size, she gives love to sell to all the people she meets.

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