This temple in India where rats are sacred (Photos)

Seasoned traveler, director of films but especially, photographer, Nicolas Economou has recently a jump to India where he discovered a particular temple: the rats are sacred there.

It is in the heart of Deshnoke, small village of the Great Indian Desert (also called desert of Thar) that the Greek photographer , Nicolas Economou , went in search of local curiosity: the temple dedicated to the wise Karni Mata, incarnation of the goddess Durga

This curiosity? It is behind the doors of the temple that she hides. And in fact, once inside it is an important community of no less than 20,000 rats that one discovers. Yet, out of the question to drive them away: sacred, they are here at home.

Called Kabbas, these rats would be the reincarnations of the children of the caste. This would explain the devotion they are subjected to by the local population and the many pilgrims coming to venerate them by bringing them seeds, milk, coconut and even sweets...

And the most miraculous in all this? This shrine would never have known any epidemic !